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There is no obligation to order.  In an email, provide the information below.  We will respond with a quote for the shipping cost to Canada.  Suggestion:  Copy and paste the wording below this point; fill in the shipping address and contact info; type in quantities desired.

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Items You May Wish to Order

Again, there is no obligation to order.  We need to know the items desired so the total package weight can be determined.

Lotion Bars

__ Small Bars, 4 for $10

__ Pocket Tubes, 3 for $12 (Save $ 1.50)

__ Pocket Tubes, $ 4.50 each

__ Spa Bar, $ 6.75 each

Homemade Soap

__ Soap Bars, 3 for $10 (Save $ 2.00)

__ Soap Bar, $ 4.00 each

Lip Balm

__ Lip Balm, 10 for $ 20 (Save $ 5.00)

__ Lip Balm, 3 for $ 7.00 (Save $ .50)

__ Lip Balm, $ 2.50 each


__ Mini-Dishes, $ 5.00 each


Lotion Bar in Tubes
Lotion Bars & Tubes

Handy, pocket-sized tubes allow you to keep one in each pocket, backpack or tackle box.

Homemade Soap
Homemade Soap

Homemade in small batches using the cold process method with only high-quality ingredients.

Hand-painted Mini-Dishes
Hand-painted Mini-Dishes

Hand-painted, no two exactly alike!  Made with Ohio clay using food-safe glazes.  Beautiful.