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Our Booth at Thornville Backwoods Fest

Thornville Backwoods Fest

September 15-17, 2017

8572 High Point Rd; Thornville, OH - Thornville Backwoods Fest on Google Maps
As soon as you enter the fest, turn right and keep on walking, find us toward the end of that first aisle on the right, Booth 257.

Photo Gallery

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to chat and 'sniff around' the booth.  Backwoods always brings in a great group of guests and we were happy to meet you.  Below are photos taken during the fest.  Click any photo to enlarge.  Enjoy!

Tina Wozniak  Lotion Bar  Louise, Susan & Tina
Tina Wozniak (left) makes the very popular 'Lotion Without a Bottle' (middle), a solid lotion bar made with high-quality ingredients:  sweet almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter, fragrance oil, tocopherol.  They are long-lasting, just a little goes a long way!  Pictured at right are Louise Hawkins, Susan Sherman and Tina Wozniak.

Wake Up Coffee Scrub  New! Sugar Scrubs  Lavender Sugar Scrub
NEW!  Sugar Scrubs are gentler on the skin than are salt scrubs.  Shown above are the Wake Up Coffee Scrub and Lavender Scrub.  They are not yet available online; contact us to order.

Apricot Hills, Booth 257  Apricot Hills Booth 257  Heidi
Thanks to Heidi (right) for keeping the shelves stocked and helping our customers.  There were lotion bar 24 fragrances available at the booth but many more than 60 are available here online.

Fizzy Milk Bath  Fizzy Milk Bath  Lotion Bars & Tubes
NEW!  Fizzy Milk Bath is just what is needed for relaxing in the tub.  Not yet available online; contact us to order.  They are available in the same fragrances as our lotion.

Lip Balm  Lip Balm  Lip Balm
Winter, spring, summer, fall - always time for lip balm.  Order a box of 10 tubes (only $20) for the entire family.

Front of Booth  She likes the Lotion Bar!  Thank you, shopper!
This lovely lady's face lit up when she tested one of the lotion bars.  Just what we like to see!

Louise, soapmaker  Homemade Soap  All-Natural Soap
Louise Hawkins makes homemade soap in small batches using the cold process method.  Choose all natural or from those made with fragrance oils.

All-Natural Pet Shampoo  Sandalwood Soap  Customer Browsing
Old Hippie (Patchouli) and Tea Tree are two of the all-natural, vegan soaps Louise makes.  A good choice for men and women is the Sandalwood soap.  Sandalwood is a classy scent that never goes out of style.

Tisha & Buckeye, Pet Shampoo  Tisha & Buckeye, Pet Shampoo  Tisha & Buckeye, Pet Shampoo
Tisha Harris and her champion Shiba Inu, MR2 Three Ships to the Wind, aka Buckeye, love the Winter Pet Shampoo.  Well, Tisha does anyway - Buckeye seems to think he is going to get a bath.

Susan Sherman, potter  Susan's Pottery  Food-Safe Glazes
Susan Sherman make the lovely, hand-painted pottery using Ohio clay.  All glazes are food safe and so the pieces can go from oven to table.

Misc Pottery Items  Susan's Bluebird Design  Mugs by Susan Sherman
Susan's signature bluebird design (middle) graces many items in her collection.  One of her mugs (right) is a must for morning coffee or hot chocolate.

Hand-painted Mini-Dishes  Mini-Dishes, Floral Designs  Garlic Plates
Mini-dishes hold tea bags, pills, rings or, of course, a lotion bar.  Garlic plates (right) let you grate garlic right on the plate then add your favorite oils for dipping.

Visitors to Our Booth  More Visitors to Our Booth  People Bringing in Others
We appreciate each and every person who stopped in to see our wares.  We're always in booth 257.  Hope to see you in 2015!

Our Booth  Our Booth Front  Heidi Offering Lotion Tester
What a great day was Friday!  Good food, great music, perfect weather.  We couldn't have asked for a better day!  Heidi (right) offered lotion testers for people to try.

Guests in Our Booth  More Guests in Our Booth  Tina at Register
Guests at our booth are welcome to browse, sample lotion bars, smell the soaps.  Of course, we love when they buy from us.

Louise, Susan, Tina  Louise, Susan, Tina  Louise, Susan, Tina
Louise (soap), Susan (pottery), Tina (lotion bars and everything else!)  Well, we start out posing nicely but cannot hold it, then the real us comes out!

September 15-17, 2017

About Backwoods Fest

There are over 275 vendors of arts and crafts.  Three days of Bluegrass music and entertainments.  Take in the aroma of more than 30 kinds of open-fire and kettle-cooked foods.  Read more on the Thornville Backwoods Fest website.

Our Booth 257

We're always in Booth 257.  As soon as you enter the fest, turn right and keep on walking, find us toward the end of that first aisle on the right.

Event Hours

This very popular, annual festival is held the third weekend in September, rain or shine!

Event Address

8572 High Point Rd in Thornville, Ohio.  South of I-70 off State Rte 13.

Find It on the Map

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